Borges - recetas de pasta para visitas inesperadas

Pasta is often a surefire solution for when we suddenly have to rustle up a meal. A quick-and-easy, healthy food that makes a proper meal popular with young and old alike that can be made with ingredients close to hand.

Borges - aceite de romero

Did you know that aromatic oils can also be used for cooking? Rosemary oil, for instance, is great for preparing food for the grill, because this herb really brings out the flavour of the meat.

Borges - Alimentación adecuada para el verano

We spend all year longing for hot summer months, dreaming of holidays, unwinding and beaches, but we need to keep our wits about us, including what we eat.

Borges - Recetas para triunfar en una barbacoa

You’ve invited some friends over for a bbq and fancy preparing something different. Forget about hamburgers and try out new flavours for barbecue recipes.

Borges - Recetas veraniegas sanas y sabrosas

Even the keenest cooks struggle to summon up the energy to cook in summer, and no one feels like eating hearty hot meals. Summer, time for summer recipes

Borges - Truco: Cómo saber si un pastel está en su punto

Baking is one of the most delicate and precise areas of cooking. It can be all ruined by opening the oven too soon or taking it out before cake is ready.

Borges - sándwiches originales para fiestas infantiles

Borges – Sandwiches for children’s parties Who ever said that a children’s party could not be full of natural, healthy options? Sandwiches are great allies for these events because they are easy for kids to pick up and eat. And

Borges - trucos - Cómo saber si el aceite está suficientemente caliente

The great dilemma. When we think olive oil is hot and has reached the right temperature and only realise it hasn’t when we’ve already added the ingredients.

Borges - truco - evitar el olor de sardinas fritas

Borges – Tip for avoiding the smell of fried fish (sardines) You love fish but hate the smell of it on your hands after handling it… Well, simply rub your hands with some vinegar, lemon juice or white wine and

Borges - cocina mediterranea - ensalada de lo que encuentres

Throwing together a salad with whatever you can find in the kitchen is one of the simplest and most creative tasks to do. Give your imagination free rein!